Organizing Your Home for Summer Break

home organizing tips for summer break

School’s out and summer break is here! Summertime is the best time for kids with unlimited joy, freedom, and fun. But as the adults in charge of the house, the influx of activities, outdoor time, travels, company, and downtime can create a chaotic mess for us. We are here to arm you with practical tips and solutions to help you stay ahead of the game and have an enjoyable summer along with the kids. 

Declutter & Organize Your Pantry

With everyone home for the summer, your kitchen will quickly become a most frequented area in your home. Kids are always hungry right? The first step is to declutter this hot zone. Once that is done, organize your pantry with bins and labels to help the kids know where things are and where to return them when they are done. Create a grab-and-go zone for kids to be able to help themselves to foster independence and decision making skills. Stock up on healthy snacks to promote growth & wellness.

home organizing tips for summer break

Declutter & Organize Kids’ Belongings

One of the best ways to stay organized is to continually declutter as kids grow up. Have your children assist with this part. Sort through their closets, toys, and books to help choose what to keep, toss, or donate. If there are toys that are broken, clothes that are outgrown, and items that have been long since forgotten about, bag up and pass along accordingly. Don’t forget to include the outdoor gear and toys in this process too. Make sure water toys are in good condition for swimming and are the correct size for safety. Once the clutter is gone, help them organize their things with designated play zones and outdoor storage for those items. Your kids will be able to help keep their things in order if they start with a good system in place.

Summer Command Center

If your children are involved in sports and activities, your summer is likely to be a busy one. Creating a central hub for all the different activities can be a game changer for you. Designate a convenient spot for a drop zone for bags by adding a few hooks in the garage or entryway. You can use a bulletin board, dry erase board, or an app to keep your family’s activities coordinated. Keep a calendar with all the important activities, any appointments, and any scheduled playdates and outings. Don’t forget to add summer camps and sport schedules. Having all of this information in one place where every member of the family has access to it will help keep everything running smoothly all summer long. 

Plan for Indoor Activities

While this is a very techy time we live in, your kids (regardless of age) may find themselves bored at some point. Especially on rainy or super hot days, they may need something to entertain themselves. Be ready for this by making a a few stations with different options. Create a crafting area with supplies to encourage their creativity. Set up a cozy reading nook with a variety of books your kids enjoy. Also, have board games and puzzles readily accessible. Preventing boredom in kids is a win for the parents too. Limit screen time and let their imagination shine.

Routine & Responsibility

A big part of maintaining your home all summer is to include your children in the routines and processes required to do that. They will be home all day, helping to create any messes, so let’s help them help us. Have a daily schedule and chore chart in the Summer Command Center. They will be able to easily see what is happening and what is expected of them each day. You can also use a reward system to get them super excited about helping out. The reward could be something simple like going for ice cream or money earned toward a want they have. 

While keeping a well maintained and organized home is the goal for the summer, staying flexible is important as well. There are bound to be lazy days and spontaneous fun to be had. Create a balance that keeps your home tidy while allowing you and your family to enjoy the carefree spirit of sweet summertime. Focus on creating wonderful moments and memories with your kids!

home organizing tips for summer break

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