Modular Closets Feature

Meet Jill Moore, founder and owner of Organized Jill. 
Jill is a certified Professional Home Organizer in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Together with her team, she creates systems in her clients’ homes based on their needs that are functional, manageable, and sustainable for their lifestyles. She transforms their homes, decluttering, categorizing, organizing, and styling her clients’ spaces to create beautiful and practical results. Organized Jill incorporates balance, function, and beauty through organization, and will even occasionally rearrange furniture to improve the flow and energy of a room.Whether it’s a closet, pantry, kitchen, bedroom, or even a whole home, Jill and her team are there to help!Jill’s philosophy is inspired by both Marie Kondo and The Home Edit. She combines the values of simplicity and tidiness with the sparkle of color and design in a unique approach. After decluttering, Jill works her magic to bring a space to life with a blending of colors, textures, and visual weight, as well as creating zones to make the perfect system for her clients’ needs. She maximizes storage spaces to be fully functional and optimal, often doubling the amount of storage available.(for example, replacing single rods with double-hanging components, or wire shelving with custom closet systems)Jill and her team’s skills give their clients the ability to showcase their full wardrobe in one neat space.
Let’s hear about it in Jill’s own words:
 “Our client purchased this home with a specific vision in mind. 
The home is a luxury log cabin, but it was a little dated in a few areas and ready to be updated. From the kitchen & master bath, to the master closet & pantry, a timely overhaul was overdue.
“We had the privilege of designing, installing, and organizing a new pantry, master closet, and linen closet.
“For the master closet (featured), two small adjacent closets were replaced by one, large master closest by removing the dividing wall.
“In the new space, I had the opportunity to maximize storage by incorporating Modular Closet components that would help the homeowner stay organized by season.
“As this is the only closet on the main floor, it has to also pull double duty as the coat closet.
“When organizing the space, we leaned into the concepts of visual weight and color to guide the homeowner on a smooth journey through their closet space.
“Accessibility was key, as well as being able to see all the contents.
With spaces specifically designated for clothes, coats, scarves, sandals, boots, and sneakers, each component is fully optimized for storage, style, and enjoyment.” 
Amazing what you can do with double-hanging! Modular Closets has made renovating our clients’ closets a smooth and easy process.

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