Balancing Minimalism & Organization

organized jill professional home organizer guide to balancing minimalism and organization

Our daily lives are cluttered not only with possessions but with commitments and distractions. This overload can really be a burden, not only in our physical space but in our mental space as well. Over 20% of Americans currently rent self storage units, with an additional 15% planning to do so in the future. This costs an average of $100 per month per household. Why do we hold on to so many things that we aren’t even using? Through minimalism and organization,  we can work toward simplifying our lives by creating order and harmony.

Minimalist Mindset

Most people equate minimalism to living with less of all the things – possessions, commitments and distractions. While this is true to a point, it’s important not to take this concept to extremes. We can all benefit from living a simpler life, but it still has to work for you and reflect the needs of your daily life.

The best approach to a minimalist mindset is to shift your focus to what truly matters by eliminating the excess stuff. It’s about intentional living. We have to minimize in order to maximize all the areas of our lives. This allows us to make room, both physically and mentally, for what brings us joy and lights up our lives. This mindset requires asking tough questions about what you value and letting go of anything that doesn’t align with those values.

organized jill professional home organizer guide to balancing minimalism and organization

Essence of Organization

Organization is the art of creating systems and structures to efficiently manage our physical possessions along with our commitments and responsibilities. While minimalism focuses on reducing the number of possessions, organization focuses on arranging our items that we have and need in a manner that works for our family and  homes. You need to enjoy existing in your home and doing the things you love. This includes having what you need for the activities or hobbies that bring you joy. The goal is to have your home be soothing but not overwhelming.

Organization is a planned arrangement of your possessions (or commitments) that work to achieve your personal goals for your space or time. Everything should have a purpose and place that minimizes the time and effort you spend to find and use what you need. Organization creates a life of intention and clarity.

Finding Your Balance

Minimalism and organization aren’t opposing concepts. In fact, they can go hand in hand. The key is to find what works for you. Start by identifying what truly matters to you. Think about your long term goals and aspirations. This will help guide your decisions about what to keep and what to let go of. Use your minimalist mindset to declutter your physical space and simplify your commitments. Then use the power of organization to ensure that what you do keep is well-maintained and easy to manage. Finding this balance is an ever changing process. Such is life, right? There will be adjustments along the way. What works for someone else may not work for you, and that’s perfectly fine. This process is personal and really just needs to fill the needs of you and your family.

organized jill professional home organizer guide to balancing minimalism and organization

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